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Jesabel & Jacques Lépine
Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation

We imagine a world where every child can thrive in the warmth of nurturing and love, where every elderly person is honored and supported in their accumulated wisdom, where every abused and abandoned animal is rescued and cared for, and where our environment is respected and restored for the beauty it is and the refuge it offers to all living beings.

Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation

Founded in 2021, the Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation is committed to supporting high-impact initiatives that have benefited hundreds of people of all ages, improving their quality of life, empowering them and empowering them. giving them better opportunities.

Our mission ⎮ Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation

We believe in a world where every child has the right to grow up in safety, joy and curiosity, a world where the elderly are treated with dignity and respect, a world where every creature has the right to freedom and compassion, and a world where the environment is respected and protected for future generations.

What do we do?

Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation

Education is one of our priorities. We believe that every child deserves a quality education, and we are committed to supporting educational initiatives that open doors and provide opportunities for young people from all walks of life.

Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation

We care about the mental health of children and seniors who find themselves in situations of abuse or abandonment. We work closely with partner organizations to offer needed support and resources, with the aim of rebuilding shattered lives and restoring hope.

Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation

We are aware of the environmental challenges facing our planet, and we are committed to supporting projects that promote a better quality of life for all. We believe in the need to preserve our environment for future generations.

Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation

We do not neglect the living beings that share our planet. We support animal rescue initiatives to preserve biodiversity and create a world where future generations can coexist harmoniously with all forms of life.

Jesabel Cortés-Lépine

“As President of the Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation, I am deeply touched by the reality faced by many people around the world. Poverty, mistreatment, abandoned animals and the degradation of our earthly environment are all challenges that we must face. However, I firmly believe in our ability to bring about meaningful and positive change.”

Jesabel Cortes-Lepine.

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Causes Supported

The Foundation works in close collaboration with the Integrated Health and Social Services Center of Montérégie Est (CISSSME) and is part of the network of non-profit philanthropic organizations, which work in the health sector, and whose only mission is to invest the funds it raises for the exclusive benefit of the residents and users of the day center of the CHSLD Jeanne-Crevier.

La Fondation Jeanne-Crevier

School breakfast programs ensure that all students have access to nutritious food in a caring and self-esteem-building environment.

CAUSE: Beyond poverty. There are many reasons why a child does not have breakfast at home in the morning.

Club des petits déjeuners

All women, girls and people of diverse gender identities have the power, security, support and rights to thrive, now and in the future.

Canada Women’s Fondation

The fight to end child trafficking starts in the home. 1 in 4 girls have been victims of sexual abuse as a child. Most of them experienced that abuse in their own homes. 1 in 5 men have been victims of sexual violence. 25% of them happened under the age of 10 years old.

Many victims of abuse are able to get the help they need to live healthy lives, others unfortunately allow their trauma to get passed on to others in the form of verbal, physical or sexual abuse. We believe ending child trafficking will only happen when we take away the demand. We must help people heal before the trauma is ever passed on to others.

Inspire, motivate and empower

27 years of of mentoring and scholarship.
Thousands of high school students have gone on to successful and rewarding lives through the Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program over the past 25 years.
inspire, motivate and empower.
The Women of Tomorrow Mentor & Scholarship Program was born out of the belief that caring professional women who share their knowledge, expertise and support with at-risk high school girls can be the catalyst for success. Inspiring them to reach higher and providing them with the skills necessary for personal and professional success.


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