Who are we? ⎮ Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation

Who are we?

Founded in 2021, the Jesabel & Jacques Lépine Foundation is committed to supporting high-impact initiatives that have benefited hundreds of people of all ages, improving their quality of life, empowering them and empowering them. giving them better opportunities.

We are also committed to environmental causes to leave a legacy to humanity, the protection of natural resources and animal species.

Our founders are people who are passionate and dedicated to our cause.

Ms. Jesabel Cortés-Lépine, President of the Foundation, was born in Mexico and is an experienced businesswoman and real estate investor whose experience in prestigious multinational companies has allowed her to acquire strong communication skills. , negotiation and relationship building.

As vice-president and co-founder of Société de Crédit Immo Québec Inc., she brings valuable expertise in the acquisition and optimization of real estate for real estate investors. Ms. Cortés-Lépine is also a member of the board of directors of the Ferrari Club of America Canada East Chapter, where she is the link between the Chapter Ontario, Quebec, Ottawa, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

She puts her talents at the service of our Foundation to analyze and decide on the organizations or social causes in which the Foundation will get involved in a proactive way, ensuring follow-up and paying attention to the inherent needs.


Jacques Lépine, our vice-president, is a successful businessman who built his fortune through real estate investment. As president and co-founder of Société de Crédit Immo Québec Inc., he brings valuable expertise in the acquisition and optimization of real estate for real estate investors.

He generously shares his knowledge as a best-selling author, speaker, trainer, coach and mentor, helping people achieve financial independence in our Quebec market. A visionary, in 2001 he founded the Quebec Real Estate Investors Club, a non-profit organization that offers real estate training and networking seminars, as well as the Logeons nos familles Foundation, which helps hundreds of people stay free for a year.

Lépine received the prestigious Medal of the Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec and a badge bearing the new coat of arms of the new KING CHARLES III.

The Honorable J. Michel Doyon presented this well-deserved decoration to Mr. Lépine in recognition of his exceptional dedication as a volunteer in various humanitarian causes and his remarkable contributions to the Quebec community.

We are proud to have established strong partnerships with organizations and individuals who share our values and who work with us to achieve our common goals. We believe in transparency, generosity and social responsibility, and we strive to create lasting impact in all the initiatives we support.

Join us in our mission and help us transform lives. We invite you to support the organizations in which we are involved. Your direct donations and support will allow us to expand our reach and have an even greater impact. Together, we can make a difference and leave a meaningful legacy for future generations. Be generous, be attentive and together, let’s make the world a better place.

Jesabel Cortés-Lépine
Jacques Lépine